Our mission is to provide chief financial officers, human resources directors and corporate services the BPM tools they need to tightly control data flows.

CarlaBella’s CarlaMaestro automated Web-based human resources (HR) and expense management platform helps them to achieve this goal.

CarlaMaestro helps chief financial officers and HR directors to simplify, secure and optimize employee time, labour and expense management. Employees are thus able to work more efficiently and productively, increasing job satisfaction while driving down administrative and financial costs.


CarlaBella solutions are used daily by more than 300 companies and government agencies of all sizes, in all sectors. Clients include Agence Française de Développement (AFD), Arianespace, Barclays Bank, Caisse d’Épargne IDF, Cegid, Célio, EDF-ENR, Estée Lauder, Euronews, Evobus, FFJ (Judo), FFK (Karaté), FFN (Natation), La Française AM, Gide Loyrette & Nouel, Gedimat, Manutan collectivités, Mercedes France, Neopost Industries, Pernod, Pierre et Vacances, Laboratoires Pierre Fabre, Le Point, La Redoute, Relais Colis, Ricard, Roche Diagnostics, Salins du Midi, Tally Weijl, Le Télégramme, Vorwerk, WWF Panda…


CarlaMaestro supports automated, paperless HR and expense management via a single platform:
Carla Workforce offers advanced features for employee labour, time and leave management.
Carla Expenses provides innovative solutions for managing travel bookings and optimizing expense reporting and procurement.
Carla Process , a powerful business process management (BPM) engine designed to handle administrative, financial and HR workflows, lets you set business rules and processes, forms and approval routing.

The CarlaMaestro platform is available as a Web-based service (SaaS) or as a traditional on-site licence-fee application.