Carla Travel

Automate travel management

The CarlaTravel solution automates travel management and expense reporting from travel booking through to reimbursement and processing of travel vendor invoices.

With CarlaTravel:

  • define, implement and control travel policy effectively
  • control corporate travel budgets
  • automate and optimize travel booking and purchasing
  • simplify and speed up entry of expense reports
  • calculate recoverable VAT automaticallyreduce the cost of accounting and processing of expense reports, in compliance with business and tax regulations
  • generate corporate and tax returns automatically


The Budget module lets you build your travel budget by cost centre. Budget spend is updated automatically from vendor travel invoices, corporate card receipts and expense reports in real time, thus allowing you to reconcile budgets with actual spend by cost centre at all times.

Work order and travel management

This module lets employees enter their work orders and travel booking requests. Requested travel services (hotel room, plane or train ticket, etc.) are then booked and purchased to match the employee’s profile, electronically where applicable. The itinerary is updated as each booking is completed.

Expense report management

This module lets employees submit expense reports and requests for advances, and then processes them through to accounting and payment.

It features several options:

  • Corporate card: this option lets employees integrate corporate card files for all expenses paid by card.
  • Public sector version:
    The public sector version of CarlaTravel, designed for government agencies, local authorities and public corporations, handles travel arrangements in full compliance with regulations governing reimbursement of expenses incurred by civil servants in the discharge of their duties.
    In particular, this option handles per diem rates and conditions.
    It also handles visits by foreign delegations invited by public bodies.
    Complemented by the Budget module, the Work Order and Expenses modules allow tracking and accounting of public spending.

Business add-on: vehicle fleet management

CarlaTravel also features an add-on for managing corporate vehicle fleets. This module handles vehicle ID cards, contracts (purchase/rental agreements, insurance policies, etc.), allocations and returns. It also automates mileage clocking.